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  • "Leave it to a Real Partner"

    You can fully focus on your customers and product development when we take care of your production and installations.
    What we promise
  • "Guaranteed deliveries"

    Jatelco is more than a subcontractor to us. Jatelco's industrialization provides us benefits through shorter lead times and cost savings. Delivery times have never slipped due to Jatelco's service. These are the key reasons why Jatelco has been our partner during three decades.
    Harju Elekter's story
  • "Solution provider to a start-up"

    A start-up should not do everything by itself. Trendion has entrusted the overall responsibility from system delivery to customer installation to Jatelco. The fastest customer delivery has been carried out within a day of the order.
    Trendion's story
  • "Jatelco handles the whole logistics chain for us"

    Jatelco is an integral extension of IGL development team. Jatelco produces test kits of new IGL products – along with feedback on industrialization and manufacturability. Jatelco also delivers final products to customers.
    IGL-Technologies' story

Jatelco – A Real Partner

A Real Partner works with you to achieve a common goal. We at Jatelco are firmly by your side to make sure we see things the same way. We genuinely believe that we will only succeed if you prosper. We view the entire supply chain, assembly, testing and, if necessary, installation activities from your perspective and for your benefit.

What will you benefit from a Real Partnership with Jatelco?

Save pure money as we optimize manufacturing practices

We are always looking for ways to save costs and reduce manufacturing time. We will share both the savings and learnings with you.

Our customers have gained on average 35-50% savings in longer product runs.

Are your manufacturing processes fully optimized?

Don't worry - we won't leave you and your customers in distress, even in unexpected situations

Our production model is flexible and agile. We will never fail to deliver on promised delivery times. Not ever.

If necessary, we will work at night - sometimes even in the harbour. Your delivery times will not fail on our account.

Would 100% delivery time accuracy improve your customer satisfaction?

Focus on your customers and new products, leave manufacturing and installation to us

Logistics, optimizing and balancing production and continuous improvement are our core competencies. We will deliver and, if needed, install your products on time.

Could you focus better on your core activities if you left manufacturing and logistics to a professional?
Order 100% delivery accuracy

Our services

Your products and needs are unique. Our solutions are equally unique to you.
We will carry the needed role and responsibility at any given time.
Your solution is built as a combination of the following elements

Manufacturing and assembly

Our production is driven by a purpose. We use shared manufacturing instructions to guarantee the promised delivery times, quality and efficiency. You will get:

- guaranteed delivery times
- production flexibility
- a network of partners.

Material logistics

We will receive and inspect all incoming components for you, notify of any deviations and store the materials as agreed.

If necessary, we can also source and store other materials using the best available purchase agreements.

Industrialisation and optimization

We manufacture the first products using ample time and a broader team. This practice ensures we find the best and most effective ways to manufacture your products.

We will hold periodical process reviews during longer product runs in order to try out new optimization ideas and find more savings.

Customer logistics and installation

We deliver the finished products to you or directly to your end customer, if preferred. We can also make your end customers’ onsite installations if that makes your life easier.

Smoothly functioning logistics saves time, money and environment.
Tell us what do you expect from a Partner?

Our customers

Best customers challenge and inspire us to solve new and bigger challenges. We are lucky to be a partner to such a wide variety of customers. We can only succeed if our customers succeed. Below are a few examples of our customers.