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Start-up’s dependable teammate

Jaakko Rostedt is the founder and chairman of Trendion Oy. Trendion is a Finnish specialist in predictive condition monitoring. Trendion's certified vibration analysts and advanced, scalable condition monitoring solution reduce production downtime from unexpected machine breakdowns. At the heart of the service is the Trendion Online remote monitoring system, which continuously measures various machines’ condition.
Jaakko Rostedt
Trendion Oy

End-to-end system delivery responsibility

“We naturally assembled and installed the first monitoring solutions ourselves. However, we soon realized that assembly and installation is not our core”, says Jaakko. Trendion needed a dependable partner to assemble, test, deliver and install their monitoring solutions to ensure continued growth and smooth customer service. In Jatelco, Trendion found a partner that can be trusted with an end-to-end system delivery from assembly to customer installation.

"You can't call this a subcontractor relationship. Jatelco is a part of our team!"

Jatelco plays a major role in Trendion's service. Trendion places a customer order to Jatelco for a remote monitoring solution including the measuring equipment, sensors and needed cabling. Jatelco assembles the necessary vibration measurement devices, procures sensors and installation accessories, and installs the system on the customer's production line. It is essential for the Trendion service that the solution is installed quickly, correctly and without disrupting the customer’s production. Cooperation between Jatelco and Trendion works seamlessly. Jaakko describes "You can't call this a subcontractor relationship. Jatelco is a part of our team!" A testimony to Jatelco's flexibility is that the fastest delivery to a customer has been within a day of placing the order.

An agile partner for a start-up

As the Chairman of the Board, it is important for Jaakko Rostedt to be able to drive Trendion's growth and further development with a dependable long-term partner. The absolute prerequisite for a cooperation is open ideation, reliable operations and impeccable quality. “Jatelco is quick to take on challenges and expand its own responsibility to enable our growth,” says Rostedt.
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