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Harju Elekter

A dependable partner during three decades

Simo Puustelli is the Chairman of the Board of Harju Elekter Oy and the former CEO of Satmatic. Harju Elekter is a leading electrical and automation technology provider in the Baltic region. Satmatic has had a magnificent 30-year journey from a control cabinet manufacturer in Pori to a central part of an international industrial group. Satmatic's journey would certainly have been different without reliable and long-term partners.
Simo Puustelli
Harju Elekter Oy

"I’m sure it will work out! Let's have a look."

During Simo’s tenure as CEO, Satmatic was looking for field installation partners in the 1980s. Jatelco’s founders seized the opportunity, demonstrated their reliability in deliveries and their natural tendency to systematically develop working methods. When Satmatic's growth outstripped their production capacity, Simo challenged the Jatelco founders to start control cabinet manufacturing. The founders' response was already very familiar to Simo - “I’m sure it will work out! Let's have a look.” Jatelco and its predecessors have been Satmatic's and now Harju Elekter's dependable electrical and automation center supplier during three decades.

Partner bears a broader responsibility

Jatelco is definitely more than a subcontractor to Harju Elekter. As a partner, Jatelco manufactures and installs Harju Elekter's products, manages material flows under Harju Elekter's contracts and handles complex logistics to various Harju Elekter locations. However, Jatelco’s most distinctive feature is the continuous development of working methods and products. "We clearly benefit from Jatelco’s industrialization through shorter lead times and cost savings," says Simo Puustelli.

Delivery times have never slipped due to Jatelco’s service.”

Jatelco’s most important feature to the Chairman of the Board and the former CEO has been the absolute reliability of delivery times. The slogan “Keeping what is promised” has had a hollow ring with many other subcontractors. Simo Puustelli states that “Delivery times have never slipped due to Jatelco’s service! Jatelco has worked even during night times, if it has been necessary to meet tight schedules.”

It is easy to recommend a dependable partner

During three decades Jatelco has proven to Simo Puustelli its expertise and reliability as a partner in demanding industrial automation centers and control cabinets. The partnership continues to be close and active. Jatelco’s perseverance, which is characteristic to the region, and the stability of the staff also strengthen the continued partnership. Based on these experiences, it is easy for Simo to recommend Jatelco as an automation center and control cabinet manufacturer as well as an installation partner.
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