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Smart solutions with a partner

Alexander Ivaine is the CEO of IGL-Technologies Oy. IGL brings companies and housing associations the means to manage parking space rentals and electric vehicle charging in a modern way. At its heart, IGL is a software and services company, but a complete customer solution always requires compatible hardware. IGL develops, tests and markets also the hardware, but has relied on partners to manufacture the equipment itself.
Alexander Ivaine
IGL-Technologies Oy

Jatelco plays a role in the industrialization process

IGL occasionally needs test kits of their new products. The test kits enable testing new features and product models in actual use. Jatelco assembles, tests and delivers IGL products as an integral extension of the development team. Alexander appreciates Jatelco's flexibility and professionalism: “When needed, Jatelco is able to manufacture our products in just a few days. Jatelco also gives us important feedback on how products could be improved or developed further.”

”Our customer was amazed when a product ordered in the morning was on their doorstep in the evening!"

Jatelco also manages IGL products from receiving an order all the way to customer delivery. Jatelco maintains a buffer stock for the assembled and tested products, which enables very fast deliveries to customers. Jatelco manages all customer logistics and even installs the products if needed. Frictionless co-operation and prompt action receive a lot of praise from Alexander - “Our customer was amazed when a product ordered in the morning was on their doorstep in the evening!”.

Heading for a long-term cooperation

IGL has been working closely with Jatelco for a couple of years now. IGL and Jatelco have a shared understanding on the importance of customer value and satisfaction. Alexander believes the cooperation will continue and grow significantly in the coming years. “I can definitely give praise to Jatelco. They are a good partner!”
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